My family moved to Walnut Creek about 2 years ago and we had to uproot our children mid-school year for a transfer.  I was not excited about having to go through the trouble of finding a comparable Montessori school to the one we were going to in another city, and to do so mid-school year was a challenge.

I called Angels and Maryam answered the phone.  Right away she started answering my questions intelligently and honestly.  We were able to set up a meeting that same day and when we walked in I could tell right away my children would be happy.  The teachers were all very accommodating and kind.  They were patient with the children and really paid attention to them making sure their needs were met.  The children at Angels are happy and also very bright!  All the teachers make it so the children are eager to learn and “show off” what they know.  I had a 3 year old boy read me a story and another 3 or 4 year old do division and multiplication for me.  Obviously these kids are very bright and not the norm, but the Montessori style of learning shows children they can do anything they put their mind to, and their age does not define what they can or cannot do.  I am extremely happy with this school and would recommend Angels Montessori and Maryam and Angel to anyone who will listen.  Thank you ladies for a solid foundation to my children’s learning experience.

Angie Elgazzar

This place is wonderful!! My child goes to AMS and he loves it. I am so fortunate to find this hidden gem. The staff are all caring, and kind. The classes are small allowing my child to get a lot of 1:1. In just a few months from when he started he began reading!! I m so impressed with staff, the curriculum and learning method!!  I wish I had been in this Montessori School when I was growing up!!!

Chuck Wood

I like Angels Montessori so much!!!  It is one of the best Montessori schools in that area. My son stayed in this school for two years and I had to send him to a new school due to our relocation. My son’s progress at this school was tremendous! He is now 5.5 year old and can read chapter books and do multiplication. Ms Angle teaches kids to their best potential. I am so grateful of all the hard work of the teachers. Ms. Maryam loves kids so much!  I am very sad that we have to change school for my son. The teachers are so kind and the school environment is just like a family. My son thrived there! I recommend this school to my friends and neighbors.  It is a great school with great teachers!

Shuang L.

My grandchild attended AMS for 4 years. I cannot express my gratitude enough to all the staff at AMS for the education provided all the years my granddaughter attended. I am very particular and checked out many day-cares, preschools and at home care facilities before I found AMS. I was impressed with the structure and watching a two year old read and recite the alphabet. Miss Angel, the owner of the facility took the time to show me the curriculum and I was also impressed with her background and years of experience as a teacher. My granddaughter started AMS at age 2, she excelled in reading, mathematics, grammar, geometry, anatomy, geography, and botany, zoology, science, astronomy, art, singing, dancing, while learning great personal skills, confidence and firm structure.. all while having a great time. AMS also has a fabulous garden with vegetables, fruit,  while teaching the kids responsibility and independence at a young age. There is a large area for play with structures, swings, slides, playhouses, tire swings, bars, there is something for everyone to enjoy and have playtime. AMS is true to the Montessori philosophy and thankfully my granddaughter is continuing at another Montessori elementary. I am proud to say the staff at her current school is impressed by her because of the foundation she received at AMS. The proof is in her STAR testing results, she is advanced in the following: English-Language Arts and Mathematics.

Tanya M.

If you care about your child’s future, want to give them the best jump start on their education and help them gain a love of learning, this is the place for you! Both my children attending AMS and all the teachers worked hard to be attentive to each of their individual needs. Let me just say my kids were a handful too!

The school and curriculum are well rounded. They are a more alchemic school then others in the area, but they balance it out with play time and fun learning activities. My children learned more about fine art, classical music, plant growth, problem solving skills, fine motor skills, math…etc then I ever did at that age. It was amazing to take them to a museum and have them tell me who painted a picture, what the painting was about and interesting facts about the artist’s lives.

Not to mention story time at night is more enjoyable when your 4 and 5 year olds are reading you their favorite stories. Now my children are in elementary school and excelling in their education and social skills thanks to the foundation AMS provided.

Kian N

What a wonderful school!!! My son goes to this school ! He is reading, adding and his handwriting is neater than mine . All the staff are friendly, and caring. I like how the teachers here allow the  children to reach their full potential, the teachers write work plans for each student in the classroom!  I like that it is so individualized.

  • The owner of the school is a pleasant women who has passion for teaching. All the staff are well educated, caring and great teachers.
  • The outdoor area is large. The school raises chicks and has a gardening project for all the children.
  • The school also takes many field trips. In fact I’m going to the next one, which is to the pumpkin patch.

Lastly , my child gets up on the weekends and tells me we need to go to school. His excitement for this place speaks a thousands words to me. Do yourself a favor and stop searching check this place out and you will find great staff, and children excited about learning!!

James C

I have to say, I and my daughter are more than blessed.  My daughter was at St. Claire’s Christian Preschool in Pleasanton, Ca prior to Angel’s. I was fortunate to purchase a condo in Concord. I would not move in until I found a good school. I interviewed many schools and just about gave up hope at any school I thought would meet my expectations. Six schools later and still not moved into my home I had my eye on Angels but finally called. A gal named Maryam picked up the phone with a warm voice. I went on, basically on a tangent explaining how frustrated I was about not being able to find an education for my one and only daughter. Explaining that education is my number one priority she reassured me that this was not the same as any preschool. She was kind and said please come visit. Needless to say I did. When I went in and had a tour, to my surprise children were reading at three years old. I was amazed. I entered my child. My child has had challenges, for she is extremely boisterous, as well as loving but longs for attention. This school and the teachers have taught her how to learn, listen, follow direction and be a leader.

It was a challenge for myself as well at first. I learned I needed discipline in a healthy way as well. My daughter has learned more at this school than anywhere I have ever had her. I am so proud to have her in a healthy atmosphere where she is challenged and knows she is smart, loved, and an influence on other children. My child has grown leaps and bounds. I love the fact that they have individual attention to grow. When the child is having trouble with a subject they take the time to teach. These people have the highest education even so much more than I. I have the upmost respect for people running, not a daycare, but an actual school because after all, isn’t this what we need our children to grow up to learn? Angel, the owner has a double master’s degree in child psychology as well as in education. Maryam has a bachelor’s degree in human service’s with a focus of early childhood development. Ms. Shubida, another teacher, has her bachelor’s degree in English, liberal arts, and computer science. I mean really, how can anyone second guess the clear choice of taking their child to Angel’s Montessori School? The choice was clear to me as still is. This is the most solid foundation for a child to have a successful life.

When a child shows aggressive behavior it is corrected immediately to teach not only self respect but respect for others. I recommend this school to any parent that wants an education for their child rather than just a daycare. I love this SCHOOL.

Michelle M

This is a great school ! I myself search many school before I discovered Angels Montessori. There is so many wonderful things about the school, where do I start. First off all the staff is friendly, educated, and communicate very well ! Almost all the staff have a Bachelors or higher !! Where do you find that now days ? My daughter loves all of her teachers!
I remember when my daughter started, Ms. Maryam was with her most of the day and  Ms. Angel called me twice her first day, ” just to tell me that my child was OK ” I love that !
The teachers all write a work plan for each child in the classroom. This is truly individualized education at it’s best. Every week I can go to my child’s cubby and see what she has been working on.  some of three year olds are amazing doing 4 digit addition and multiplying. My child can pretty much pick anything up  and start reading it!

Another reason why I love this school is that if your enrolled as full time student your child gets afternoon lesson as well ! Most school I looked at turned into daycare! This school is perfectly balanced between lesson and play time!

The school yard is amazing!!! It is the largest play yard I ever saw! Makes me want to be kid ! The children have so many choices outside, they can play in the sandbox, swing on the swing, play on the slides, they can garden,, feed the chickens, ride bikes, play on a workbenches,  play in a house , play chase , and the list goes on and on… There is plenty of shade outside! Very delightful outdoors area! My daughter even started to bring home veggies and she started to eat them!!!

I also like that the kids have uniforms! Yay no struggle in the morning!
This school has prepared my child further than I could have ever imaged.

Kara H

All I can say is… What a relief!   As anyone with a child knows, finding quality daycare is extremely difficult.  After interviewing more than a dozen daycare centers, I feel I have the basis to say; I am more than pleased with my decision to place my son in the care of Angel’s Montessori. Their program is impressive and offers my child hands-on and creative approaches to reading, writing, math, and science, which is exactly what I was looking for.  After three weeks of enrollment, my son was able to participate in their graduation ceremony and was already able to name all of the continents and planets. As soon as you walk in the first thing you will notice, is how immaculate the center is, which is another component that is very important to me. This is a wonderful childcare center that balances a loving and caring environment with a nurturing dose of structure and discipline.  All of the providers are kind and have love for what they do.  After getting to know the other parents, I notice there virtually no turnover (with the staff and children), creating a very solid and secure environment.  I am genuinely happy, but most importantly, so is my child.

Michelle H.

Our son attended Angels Montessori back in 2002-04. He emerged as a whole child, immersed in Montessori philosophies and values. Thanks to Ms. Angel and Ms. Maryam. AMS had taught him how to be adept in observing, analyzing, and solving issues – a life essential skill that could come only through dedication and diligence.

Jay F

My son has gone to AMS for a year and a half now and truly could not speak more highly of a school in all aspects a parent and student could speak to. Let’s start with the outstanding curriculum; he is 4 years old, reading, writing, knows 70% of the states and their locations, geography all together, science and biology’s, and all the appropriate social interactions and skills people need to build sturdy foundations for life. The teachers; I won’t deny they are strict, but not like the old school Catholic Teacher strict. The rules and boundaries they teach our children help them become organized, focused and aware. Let me just say this, as soon as I carried over their method of rules into my home, life has become sooo easy! In addition though, the teachers are all very friendly and truly caring to the students. The tend to their needs appropriately. I have had many hours helping in the classrooms or during school events to be able to observe these things outside of just the time dropping off and picking up my son. The school physically; off of the main strip so its not completely out there in the open and is surrounded by a residential area. These classrooms are very clean and organized. Cubbies, hangers and folders for each child so no need to share. There are plenty of materials for all of the different levels and stages of learning. A big thing that was a plus is the kids get raised cots and you having individual easy to use bedding for each child. The outside is fitted with a large covered patio, swings, grass space, large play structure, large enclosed sand box, chicken coupe and gardens. They get great life experiences and lessons with gardening and taking care of the chickens. The teachers are very good about making time to talk with parents regarding the happenings of the day, how good or hard a child is doing in something and to answer any questions or address concerns. I have a step daughter going to another preschool unfortunately and as we researched other schools, I have never found one that compares to AMS! If you want to give your child the best foundation in life, this would be it! I wish I had learned of AMS sooner!

Nicole Pappalardo